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We take your  health and fitness goals seriously. We understand that fitness can be challenging and our goal is to help you overcome obstacles and reach your goals. We will evaluate your goals and create your individualized fitness program that will help you succeed. This is ME ( Tammy-owner ) first photo is 1/18/18 second photo is 1/8/19 ..are YOU ready ?! 


Knowledgeable Staff

With a variety of backgrounds and experience, our team is capable of analyzing your body and creating a plan that works for YOU . This plan will help you reach your goals. If your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or just simply tone up we know that nutrition is the key to your results. Our team will work with you to keep you on track and motivated to reach your goals. 


Your Success is Our Goal

We understand that fitness habits can be difficult. Our goal is to help you make changes and develop a healthy lifestyle that will become apart of who you are. We believe that if you incorporate nutrition, healthy food choices and exercise you will be able to obtain  a healthy lifestyle. At Team Impact Fitness we are committed to walk this journey with you. With each membership you will receive monthly progression accountability. 


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The Zurvita Transformation


The Zurvita Transformation system is a simple; yet effective system to reset your body. You can Increase energy, increase mental focus, lose weight and more.

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A whole food nutritional drink tha has over 120 key nutritional components . All natural, Non GMO with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. 

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Zurvita Protein, like other Zurvita products, is made with the same commitment - finest quality.

Zurvita Protein, like other Zurvita products, is made with the same commitment – use only the most nutrient-rich and highest quality ingredients. 25 Grams per serving